Mandals AS supports " Sørlandet " with free fire hoses
Stine Bryn and Karen Christensen pose with the new fire hoses.

Mandals AS supports " Sørlandet " with free fire hoses

Mandals AS took first mate Agata Łuczyńska at her word when she asked about good prices for fire hoses for The Ship Sørlandet . They would donate no less than 2 fire hoses to the ship. The fire hoses are of the Mertex type. Mandal's Mertex is a fire hose that is widely used in the maritime industry and carries the "Wheel-Mark" and the MED certificate.

Mandals AS is currently part of the Michelin group and has become a leading manufacturer of flexible hoses for a number of industries and applications worldwide.

Mandals AS supports the global market by offering high quality products, adapted to customer requirements, which perform at the highest operating level in a cost-effective way, while contributing to improved HSE and environmental performance for our valued customers.

The production of hoses started in 1927, and from about 1935 the hoses were produced using the internal circular looms. In 1940, the factory was completely destroyed by a fire, but only after a couple of years was a new factory built and in operation again. Since then there has been a strong focus on research and development, and Mandals AS today supplies a number of snakes, used in several industries and applications worldwide.

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