General provisions


The school ship Sørlandet they comply with any applicable regulations and advice from the authorities related to the pandemic. These can be changed with immediate effect.

When boarding, assume that you do not have Covid-19 symptoms, that you know the rules for social distance. Contact information for use in infection detection is obtained.

Disinfection stations have been deployed on board. You move to the toilets on the starboard side (hear side when looking ahead) and return on the port side of the ship.

The capacity at the quay and on fjordcruises is approx. 100 guests. When staying overnight, it is 64 trainees .

If the authorities impose restrictions on society which means that we cannot deliver the agreed services or the customer cannot show up for the same reasons, all payments will be refunded or purchased services can be exchanged for another by agreement.


The minimum age is 12 years with guardians. The limit for travelling alone and/or attending regattas is 15 years. We have a 0-tolerance for alcohol use for trainees under the age of 18, also in foreign ports.

Personal Data

The Foundation may store personal data in order to send information about future voyage . trainees must contact the office if they wish to opt out of this. During voyages, pictures of the trainees and the ship may be captured, the Foundation reserves the right to use such images for marketing purposes, both online and in print.


The Foundation has no liability for personal assets in the event of personal belongings being destroyed or stolen during the stay. We recommend that you lock away belongings in your closet, but remember that the ship is moving and that things can break even if it is locked in.

Deadline for appeal

Any complaint about the trip must be made in writing to the Foundation within one month of the cruise, by e-mail to

Cancellation costs

fjordcruises / Shellfish cruise

Purchased tickets are non-refundable.


Bought tickets to voyage can be refunded with 80% up to one month before departure. From one month before departure: No refund.


You can sign up online. You will then be sent a travel document with payment information. The full amount is paid in online banking, remember the KID number. All registrations are binding.

On fjordcruises


the gangway closes at the specified attendance time. Departure after, among other things, safety information.


Dining is buffet style and drinks can be purchased at the bar. Alcoholic beverages can not be brought on board, if this is discovered, they will be confiscated. It is also not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages ashore.


In order for everyone's experience on board to be as safe as possible, it is essential that each person engages in and respects the ship's safety rules. Listen to the information provided and get acquainted with the location of rescue equipment on board. It is not permitted to sit on the rack for safety reasons. Do not run on deck and walk gently in ladders.

On voyage


Anyone with normal good health can sail with Sørlandet. An important part of the experience for all sailors is that the ship sails as much as possible. Everyone must contribute on board and be active on their watch. We expect as many people as possible to enter the rig, but if you don't want to, let the crew know. If you have a health restriction, this must be considered in more detail. For many, the sea is an alien element and health restrictions you don't think about on a daily basis can be reinforced on board. It is expected that everyone on board is able to take care of themselves as the crew does not have the capacity to provide additional assistance to the individual. A health restriction will be further enhanced in bad weather. If you use a wheelchair or crutches, you cannot attend voyage .

It is important that allergies, chronic diseases, and all drug use must be recorded. Be aware that medicines lose their effect in seasickness. Be sure to notify the sergeant and your duty manager on board if you are using sea sickness tablets or sea sickness patches (we recommend patches available by prescription). When using sea sickness drugs, you cannot enter the rig.

Anyone over the age of 70 must submit a health certificate from their doctor not older than 3 months before the start of the cruise.

If it should later emerge that information has been withheld and a trainee turns out to be an unreasonably high burden for other trainees and herd, or to pose a danger to themselves or others, the person concerned may trainee be put ashore at a place and time that the captain deems appropriate. Further costs of returning home etc. must be covered by the sailor.


Check-in is 2 hours before departure, if no other information is provided.

Life on board

On banjer you sleep either in fixed bunks or hammocks. The guard teams are distributed as follows: 8-12, 12-4 and 4 -8 , two watches a day. An important part of the experience for all sailors is that the ship sails as much as possible. Everyone must contribute on board and be active on their watch. Fixed tasks under the watch are lookout, helm watch and fire rounds, trainees must be available on deck during the watch. We expect as many people as possible to enter the rig, but if you don't want to, let the crew know. Some watches are hectic, while others can be very calm. Then our regular crew will teach seamanship, knots and other. Be sure to let us know if you are travelling with someone who has a booking number other than yourself in order for you to appear on the same security team. The sergeant distribute the roster and we try to take into account special requests, but can not guarantee it.

Good food is served on board. 3 meals in two seatings.

Remember to let us know about allergies when booking, well before the cruise.

Package list

Sleeping bag, warm and waterproof clothing, hat, gloves, toiletries, sunscreen, shoes with good rubber soles, towel. Rubber boots can be good to wear. Choose clothes that can withstand stains, here is a little tar, oil etc. We recommend that you pack in a soft bag without wheels. The bag should be able to be loaded into your closet, which holds 80 liters. Part of the cabinet can be locked with a small padlock that you bring or buy on board.

The mobile phone has no coverage when we are in the open sea. In the event of a situation where contact with countries is required, the ship and the office are helpful. We have 220 V power supply.

Remember to bring passports, no matter which ports and countries we sail between.

The ship is completely dry while we are in the sea. Alcoholic beverages can not be brought on board, if this is detected, they will be confiscated.


Rig training must always take place with a permanent crew. Loose items, such as mobile phone, sunglasses and the like must be removed. Glasses must be fastened with a cord. trainees can only enter the rig when asked to do so, or obtain permission from the duty officer or duty manager.

To and from ports

Travel to and from ports is not included in the cruise price. Changes in departure and arrival times may occur, and you must take this into account when booking other transfers. The arrival may be earlier, but you can stay on board at the specified arrival time. We may also risk waiting time to dock.

Travel insurance

trainees must have valid travel insurance.

Nb: The Foundation is not financially responsible for delays that may occur and is not responsible for other travel costs.