Follow the renovation of the school ship Sørlandet summer 2024 - week 3
The school ship Sørlandet in dry dock - Week 3

Follow the renovation of the school ship Sørlandet summer 2024 - week 3

Sørlandet is at the "Bredalsholmen dokk og fartøyvernsenter" shipyard in Kristiansand and will undergo repairs to the hull, get a new main deck, overhaul the rig, and much more. The shipyard period is scheduled to last from May 20, 2024 to August 25, 2024. The new school year on board begins on August 31, 2024, by which time the ship must be ready. The project is estimated to cost between NOK 32 million and NOK 34 million, depending on whether any work arises that was not included in the plans. The work is necessary to renew the sailing permits for another five years and be one of the main attractions during Tall Ships Races Kristiansand 2025.

The work is well underway and in line with the plan. No major findings of significance to the schedule or costs have been registered at the moment, and there is great enthusiasm among our crews, the yard and our suppliers. The pictures at the bottom of the article give a picture of what is happening.

Ongoing comments on the work and progress:

  • After docking on 02.06.24, all time-critical work has started up fully according to plan.  
  • Bottom inspection with DNV was carried out on 04.06.24. No special remarks or damage found, other than what is already known and planned, but awaiting thickness measurements with ultrasound next week. DNV agrees with our assessment of the steel scope, subject to any other findings that may be revealed during upcoming thickness measurements.
  • The condition of the paint on the hull is good after the paint job carried out in 2023.
  • Bredalsholmen dokk og fartøyvernsenter is underway with the steel work and dismantling of plates.  
  • Installation and completion of the housing rig has taken somewhat longer than expected, but it is now largely washed down and prepared for moving in during 07.06.24. Personnel from Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter have been accommodated at Hestmanden while waiting to move into the housing rig.
  • Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter is well underway with new feeding of the ground and the pool. Some rot has been found under some of the deck equipment. This will be repaired.
  • The materials for the new deck have arrived at the yard and Hardanger fartøyvernsenter are being sorted. There is a part that is discarded, Hardanger fartøyvernsenter has a dialog with its supplier about replacing this.
  • The door in banjer pantry is spiked up. As expected, the old casting was damp, but the steel underneath is in good condition. The drainage solution will be modified before the pantry is rebuilt.
  • The bathrooms in the forward cabins (2x) have been demolished. The steel condition of the hull and underlying structure looks ok. Will be rebuilt to a good standard.
  • The door to the captain's bath has been spiked and is being prepared for reconstruction. The steel is in good condition, but there is some corrosion in the transition between casting and bulkhead. This will be repaired.
  • All yards as well as the top masts for the main mast and jib mast have been dismantled and placed down in the dock for planned maintenance.
  • The starboard generator has been dismantled for inspection and maintenance after a case of water in the oil. Essentially ok, but a broken valve spring and some surface rust were found. The cylinder liners had signs of so-called glassing, probably due to low load over time. The liners have been honed. Gears for the gearbox had signs of deposits, but after a cleaning they appear to be in good condition.
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