Follow the renovation of the school ship Sørlandet summer 2024 - week 1-2
The school ship Sørlandet in the dock to Bredalsholmen dokk og fartøyvernsenter

Follow the renovation of the school ship Sørlandet summer 2024 - week 1-2

Sørlandet is at the "Bredalsholmen dokk og fartøyvernsenter" shipyard in Kristiansand and will undergo repairs to the hull, get a new main deck, overhaul the rig, and much more. The shipyard period is scheduled to last from May 20, 2024 to August 25, 2024. The new school year on board begins on August 31, 2024, by which time the ship must be ready. The project is estimated to cost between NOK 32 million and NOK 34 million, depending on whether there are any works that have not been included in the plans. The work is necessary to renew the sailing permits for five more years and be one of the main attractions during Tall Ships Races Kristiansand 2025.

Below is the first week's report - weeks 1 and 2. We will regularly publish developments in the project as it progresses. The first two weeks were a good start to the preparation work.

Ongoing comments on the work and progress:

  • The ship arrived at the shipyard according to plan on 20.05.24. There was some delay in the final placement in the dock due to a side tub that was placed too close to the keel blocks. It was necessary to wait for high tide to adjust the ship to its final position.
  • Dismantling at banjer deck began on 21.05, and is ahead of schedule at the time of writing. It is expected that other plans for preparation can be accelerated somewhat.
  • The crew has removed all equipment and inventory from the ballast deck and is well on schedule.
  • The shipyard contributes with unloading and preparation of the ship and storage of equipment.
  • The ship completed the planned closing voyage for the A+ World Academy from Bredalsholmen dokk og fartøyvernsenter to Pier 6 in Kristiansand 01.06.24. She then returned to Bredalsholmen 02.06.24 and went straight into dry dock and was safely docked during the afternoon.
  • A preliminary inspection of the underwater hull was carried out on 02.06.24. No significant deviations found, but awaiting flushing to begin on 03.06.24. Paint condition from docking in 2024 essentially intact. The underwater paint applied in connection with grounding in the fall of 2023 seems to have held up well, but as expected there is some fouling in this area. For the time being, the condition of the steel from the previous inspection in 2023 appears to be largely equivalent to the condition at this time.
  • Hardanger fartøyvernsenter has arrived at the yard and will start its work as planned 03.06.24
  • Dismantling of the interior of the banjo pantry has begun. Subsequently, the molding on the floor will be cut and removed before the drain is repaired.
  • Renovation of two sailors' cabins forward and the captain's bathroom has begun.
  • The housing rig is in the process of being assembled.
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