Ahoy, young adventurers!

Welcome to the ship hunt, my name is Captain Christian Sander.
It's not safe around these parts, because the pirate Freya has stolen ten ships from me, and I need your help to find them. I can promise that this will be an exciting expedition that will put your skills to the test.

I'm calling all deck girls and deck boys to join my crew and embark on an exciting ship hunt to find my stolen ships. You'll have to solve puzzles and follow clues to find them. It's a daring adventure that takes you on a journey through the streets of Kristiansand.

You must work together to defeat the pirate Freya and return the ships to me. Are you ready to join me and set sail on an unforgettable expedition to recover the lost ships and the chance to win treasure?

Prime Minister

* Model of the school ship Sørlandet with a value of kr. 3 000 donated by the Foundation
* A family ticket to Palmesus junior with a value of kr. 2 099 donated by Palmesus
* 4 tickets to the family performance Snøsøstera before Christmas with a value of kr. 500 given by Kilden
* 10 Gift cards for ice cream with a value of kr. 500 given by Hennig Olsen Is
* 5 Kvadraturen gift cards with a value of kr. 300 given by Kvadraturforeningen in Kristiansand

Terms and conditions for participation in Skutejakta can be found here.

Ship charts

We've made a map showing some of the route to the ships, but you'll have to solve some puzzles along the way too.

<- Her er kartet som du kan laste ned.

Requires Adobe reader

Here's a tip on where to find the first ship:

- Rumor has it that there's a castle in the quadrangle, and of course Freya the pirate has chosen to hide my one ship there! I hope it's not too well hidden. You may need very good eyesight to find it, and I've heard that someone in the castle can help you with that. I am completely dependent on you deck girls and deck boys to help me find my ship, good luck on your journey to the castle and the first ship.  

Greetings Captain Christian Sander.

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